Managed Metadata in SharePoint (Office 365) – Part One


In the 15 years that I’ve been helping companies use SharePoint, I’ve noticed that the Managed Metadata service is very often overlooked. Most of the time, people think they’ll get to it later and by the time they do address it, they already have a ton of content that hasn’t been tagged. And that’s a shame because it’s so easy to set up and manage and adds so much value to all the content that you keep in SharePoint.

. . .

[Pardon the interruption!  … I decided to try out Sway in Office 365 to see how it works as a blogging platform.  Please continue reading here and let me know what you think.  Thanks!]

Author: David Remillard

Our best projects are those which become a partnership between our client and FTG. I enjoy learning the details about our client's businesses and what each client wants to achieve with Office 365. Also enjoy brainstorming about client's pain points and business challenges and different ways that SharePoint might be used to help achieve your goals. We help you understand what is easy and what is hard in SharePoint and how to design solutions for maximum value. We create a shared vision, and build it out in increments with frequent project touch points, ensuring high-value business solutions that are closely aligned with your specific business environment (size, culture, budget constraints, tech comfort level, remote offices, etc). We live on repeat business and grow our business with clients who value practical business insight as well as technical skill.

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